Bangladesh Air Force has ordered two AW 139 Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter

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Bangladesh Air  Force has ordered two AW 139 Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter

Bangladesh Air  Force has ordered two AW 139 Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter.Bangladesh Air Force currently uses Bell-212 in SAR Mission.Bangladesh Navy also operates two AW109K Helicopter.

The price of AW 139 is $15 Million.

AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has signed a contract for two AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopters. These helicopters, which will be delivered by the end of 2015, will be operated by the Bangladesh Air Force to perform maritime search and rescue (SAR) and other utility missions.

This contract, which also includes a comprehensive support and training package, marks the establishment of the first dedicated maritime SAR helicopter fleet in the country. The AW139 was selected after an extensive evaluation process against a wide range of requirements including performance and safety. By choosing the AW139, the Bangladesh MoD will leverage on Finmeccanica - AgustaWestland’s extensive expertise in SAR and emergency services as well as the unmatched capabilities of the bestselling and most modern helicopter for the task.

The Bangladesh Air Force’s AW139s will feature an advanced mission configuration including a search/weather radar, FLIR, search light, rescue hoist, emergency floats and a state-of-the-art 4-axis dual digital AFCS with hover and SAR modes. Thanks to the AW139, the Bangladesh Air Force will be able to carry out the most demanding all-weather SAR operations in a maritime environment and will benefit from the high role versatility of the helicopter to conduct other utility missions in support of maritime security and disaster relief operations.

More than 770 AW139s have been ordered by more than 200 customers in over 60 nations worldwide. The AW139 has been selected by, and is now performing SAR duties with, a large number of military and commercial operators in Italy, UK, Spain, Estonia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Sweden to name a few. The AW139, as the market leader in its class, is also widely used for offshore transport, passenger transport, law enforcement, emergency medical service, VIP/corporate transport and firefighting missions.

The AW139 helicopter is part of AgustaWestland’s family of new generation helicopters that also includes the AW169 and AW189. These helicopters all possess the same high-performance flight characteristics and safety features whilst sharing the same common cockpit concept and design philosophy. This approach facilitates synergies for operators of these models in areas such as training, maintenance and support.

Bangladesh Navy is getting Nuclear Weapon carrying large patrol craft

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 Nuclear Weapon carrying large patrol craft
LGRD and Cooperatives Minister Syed Ashraful Islam, who is also in-charge of defense ministry in parliament, today said steps are underway to incorporate submarines in Bangladesh Navy to raise "deterrence" in the Bay of Bengal.

Replying to a tabled question of treasury bench member Begum Pinu Khan, he told the House that the government has already taken long-term measures to build a strong naval force to protect maritime boundary from piracy, curb smuggling and safeguard huge water resources.

The minister said the government has a plan to incorporate helicopter carrying missile frigate, corvette (a lightly armed warship), nuclear weapon carrying large patrol craft, speed patrol craft and mine counter measure vessel in Bangladesh Navy to build a strong naval force in future.

Apart from this, he said support vessels like landing craft, support ship, tug boat, survey and research vessels would be incorporated in the Naval force.

Besides, the minister said gun, missile, torpedo, mines and SAM battery would also be added to Bangladesh Navy along with more maritime patrol aircraft and maritime helicopters to expedite patrol in the territorial waters and EEZ areas and also for using during wartime.

Comment: Minister Syed Ashraful Islam said Nuclear weapon carrying large patrol craft by mistake.
Bangladesh has no plan to make nuclear weapon.Bangladesh signed in Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Bangladesh's two neighbor India has 110 nuclear warhead and Myanmar is reported for making nuclear weapon

Bangladesh Air Force upgrading Mig-29 into Mig-29SMT

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Bangladesh Air Force upgrading Mig-29 into Mig-29SMT

Bangladesh Air Force is finally upgrading it's fleet of Mig-29SE into Mig-29SMT standard

Bangladesh Air Force is currently has 8 Mig-29.Bangladesh's  two neighbour Indai has 69 Mig-29UPG and Myanmar has 31 Mig-29B/C.

India previously offered Bangladesh to upgrade it's Mig-29 into Mig-29SMT.The deal was not finalized.

Currently Myanmar is showing very aggressive behavior towards Bangladesh.Myanmar is fearing that Bangladesh may invade Myanmar.They are planning to buy 24 Mig-35 or Su-35 in 2014.USD 1 Billion  has been allocated for buying Aircraft in 2014's budget.

After Upgrding into Mig-29SMT they will be able to fire R-77 BVR Missile.Bangladesh bought several R-77 BVR missile in 2013.

 MiG-29SMT main features:
– Modern high precision weapons of "A-S" class are included into the weapons nomenclature. It is provided for the weapons nomenclature enhancement during aircraft life cycle.
– The aircraft is equipped with multifunctional multi-mode pulse-Doppler airborne "Zhuk-ME" radar manufactured by "Fazotron-NIIP" Corporation. The radar is provided with a slot antenna array. As compared with the airborne radar of the previous generation the "Zhuk-ME" has enhanced scanning angles in azimuth, twice increased detection range, less weight and higher reliability. The "Zhuk-ME" radar provides for tracking up to 10 air targets with capability of simultaneous firing of 4 targets with missiles.
– The airborne avionics of the MiG-29SMT aircraft is designed following the principle of open architecture on the basis of a mission computer with the data exchange multiplex channel (bus of MIL STD 1553B standard). It allows to install aboard the aircraft the new systems of Russian or foreign origin at the customer’s request.
– The cockpit data display system includes two new wide-screen MFD-10-6 multifunction color displays and realizes the HOTAS conception.
– INS-GPS navigation system is included into the navigation equipment.
– The aircraft is equipped with in-flight refueling system.

FT-6 Aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force

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FT-6 Aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force
FT-6 is a twin seat trainer of F-6 Fighter Aircraft which is chinese version of Russian Mig-19.
Bangladesh operated around 40+ F-6 in 1980s.

Myanmar buys Nerva Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV

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Myanmar buys Nerva UGV
Nexter Robotics a subsidiary of the French Company Nexter Group announced the first sale of its NERVA® LG robot to Myanmar. Nexter Robotics designs and manufactures small-scale robots capable of performing reconnaissance and counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) missions for route clearance, while also offering new applications for Civil Security units.
 The two 4 kg Nerva 4x4 mini-robots will be tested by Myanmar and could meet a total requirement estimated at 50 robots. Myanmar ordered the systems in November 2013.
Nerva has been designed to meet military specifications, and is designed for all-weather, all-terrain usage, with a robust (throwable) design and is backpack transportable.
Designed for military users, Nerva is being sold under civilian contract for Myanmar, in order to avoid any blockade from French government export commission. Accordingly, the system's electro-optic infrared (EOIR) sensor has been downgraded in order not to fall foul of export restrictions of military technology to Myanmar. They have, however, been fitted with additional battery packs to provide an improved 24 hours of operational capability.

Myanmar Nerva UGVNerva Unmanne Ground Vehicle UGV of Myanmar
This is first order that could be followed by a contract for 50 systems. The Nexter Robotics NERVA® sold to Myanmar is a civilian version with degraded sensors.
The NERVA LG UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is stated to be fully waterproof and throwable. In addition to being operated by 15 remote control, it can have semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce the operator’s workload, such as waypoint navigation or automatic back homing when the mission has been completed.
To meet different user requirements, the NERVA LG can be fitted with different payloads. A typical reconnaissance payload would consist of an infrared thermal camera for almost all-weather observation and a 360° panoramic day camera.
Nexter Robotics is currently under negotiations with two other Asian countries ( Vietnam and Philippines) to sell a dozen robots to each country.
The Nerva robots purchase by Myanmar will be used for surveillance missions using night vision capabilities and extra batteries to increase autonomy.

Myanmar Air Force is Planning to produce JF-17 with ToT

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Myanmar Plans for producing Jf-17

Myanmar is planning to get a license of JF-17 from China and Pakistan.The government of Myanmar has a plan to make JF-17 in Myanmar with Technology Transfer.JF-17 is a 4th Generation Multirole fighter aircraft jointly developed by China and Pakistan.

JF-17 Thunder or FC-1 can Fore 100Km range SD-10 BVR Air to Air Missile and C-802A Anti Hsip Missile.Myanmar is planning to manufacture around 100 JF-17 in myanmar.

In case of not getting the Transfer of Technology (ToT) Myanmar may assemble them in Myanmar.

The Government of Myanmar is planning to acquire technologies from China and Pakistan to build JF-17 multirole combat aircraft at its own aircraft factory to boost its Air Force.

If JF-17 production is carried out in Myanmar it may induce an arms race with neighboring countries who would in turn acquire sufficient air defence capabilities of their own. The Royal Thai Air Force already operates 12 Saab JAS 39C/D Gripen’s whilst the Bangladesh Air Force is planning to acquire combat aircraft from China and Russia.

At present the Myanmar Air Force is composed of 23,000 personnel. It is primarily responsible for the air defence of Myanmar and counter insurgency operations in support of the ground forces.

There are 10 operational air bases in Myanmar where its inventory of up to 32 MiG-29B and MiG-29SE’s are stationed along with 25 older F-7M, 21 Nanchang A-5C and a mix of 16 Chinese and Serbian jet trainers used for ground attack roles besides providing pilot training. The air force is also equipped with 9 Mi-35 attack helicopters over 90 transport and utility helicopters. In recent times it acquired Chinese 11 Sky 02A UAV’s to perform basic surveillance missions. Another 24 has been built in-country as Yellow Cat A2. The fixed wing transportation fleet consists of 4 Shaanxi Y-8, 2 Fokker F-27, 2 ATR-72, 2 Harbin Y-12 and 5 Pilatus PC-6. Maritime surveillance is conducted by 5 unarmed Britten-Norman Islander aircraft transferred by India.

The force is plagued by serviceability issues due to lack of spare parts and trained manpower however introduction of JF-17 would mean that Myanmar Air Force will be investing in such areas to mitigate its short comings.

C-802A missile of JF-17

Author Tony David from Jane’s notes that “In both new fixed-wing and rotary-wing capabilities, regional analysts note that a lack of pilot experience and weaknesses in maintenance and ground-to-air links still limit the operational effectiveness of the [Myanmar Air Force],”

The JF-17 is a light weight single engine multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by China and Pakistan. It can be armed with a variety of bombs and missiles including PL-5EII, PL-9C and PL-12 AAMs, C-802A anti-ship missiles, general purpose bombs, laser guided munitions and countermeasures on its 7 hard points (four under wing, 2 wingtip, 1 under fuselage). The aircraft’s standard set of armaments are supplemented by a 23 mm GSh-23-2 twin barrel cannon or 30 mm version of the same.

The avionics suite includes DEEC electronic warfare suite, NRIET KLJ-7 multi-mode fire control radar, night vision goggles compatible with glass cockpit, helmet mounted sights (HMS) and externally mounted pods such as KG-300G self-protection radar jamming pod and WMD-7 day/night targeting pod.weapons of JF-17

A Russian RD-93 powers the JF-17 to a maximum speed of Mach 1.6. The combat radius of the aircraft is 1,352 km, ferry range being 3,482 km and service ceiling 16,920 m. The thrust to weight ratio on the aircraft is 0.95. Its maximum takeoff weight is 12,383 kg.
The standard export price for the JF-17 Block I is $20 million and Block 2 being $25 million.
Pakistan Air Force is the lone operator of the JF-17 with 54 aircraft operational including 6 prototypes.

Myanmar will make JF-17 FC-1

The JF-17 was offered to the Bangladesh Air Force on numerous occasions but it was declined in favor of more sophisticated multi-role combat aircraft from China and Russia.

Myanmar currently has a hot relation with Thailan and Bangladesh.It has border clashes with both countries.Myanmar is economically very weak than Bangladesh and Thailand but spends much more in military than the two countries.
In a statics it shows myanmar spends $1.4 Billion for it's 500,000 strong armed forces whilw Bangladesh Spends $2.2 Billion for it's 220,000 strong armed force.