HAL Dhruv Weapons system integration

  HAL started Weapons system integration (WSI) project of DHRUV and is facing some delays however the work is going on in full swing.

 HAL hopes to use the ALH Dhruv platform to develop two variants, one for Navy and another for Air-force and Army. Currently prototype's of both variants are flying, HAL is using old Navy Dhruv ASW helicopter (IN701) which was rejected by navy to develop the Naval variant. 

People living around HAL Airport in Bangalore were seeing this aircraft undergoing Radar and Sonar tests. Wide array of sensor and weapons are being integrated into the helicopter to make it more lethal.

Air-force and Army Variant:

Close Air Support (CAS),
Combined Anti-Tank and CAS role, 
Air to Air combat 
Weapons System:
# Turret Gun
# Rocket
# Air to Air Missiles
# Air to Ground Missiles (Anti-Tank)
Sensors System:
# Electronic Warfare (EW) Suit (Radar, Laser, Missile warning receivers)
# Flares and Chaff Dispenser (FCD)
# Fixed Sighting System
# Helmet Pointing System (HPS)
# Data Link
# Infrared jammer
# Infrared suppressor
# On-board inert gas generator (OBIGG)
# Integrated Architecture and Display System (IADS)
# Moving Map
# Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)

Naval Variant:

# Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
# Anti-Surface Vessel Warfare (ASV)
Weapons System:
# Torpedo
# Depth Charges
# Anti-Ship Missile
Sensor System:
# Surveillance Radar (360 Degrees)
# Low Frequency Dunked Radar (LFDR)
# Electronics Support Measure (ESM)
# Torpedo pre-setter and electronics
# Tactical Mission System (TMS)

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