Aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force

Active Service

Combat Aircraft
AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage

MiG-29 Fulcrum RussiaMulti-role Air Superiority FighterSE14 (6 according to different source)14 MiG-29 SMT/M/M2 will be entering service in 2011]Migb9.jpg
MiG-29 Fulcrum RussiaAir superiority fighter / Operational Conversion UnitUB2

F-7 Air Guard ChinaInterceptor/FGA/ReconnaissanceMB16
F-7 Air Guard ChinaInterceptor/FGA/ReconnaissanceBG16
FT-7 Air Guard ChinaOperational Conversion UnitMB2

FT-7 Air Guard ChinaOperational Conversion UnitBG6

A-5 Fantan ChinaDeep Penetration StrikeC18
L-39 Albatros CzechoslovakiaAdvanced Jet Trainer & Counter InsurgencyZA15

FT-6 Farmer ChinaOperational Conversion Unit

Trainer Aircraft
AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage
PT-6 ChinaPrimary TrainerA25Out of 40 delivered.
Bell 206 Long Ranger I United StatesRotary Wing TrainerL-12

Bell 206 Long Ranger IV United StatesRotary Wing TrainerL-42

T-37 Tweet United StatesJet TrainerB12

Transport Aircraft
AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage
C-130 Hercules United StatesTactical Airlift, Special Ops, MedEvacB4

An-32 Cline UkraineTactical Transport / Converted BomberC3

V.I.P. Transport Helicopter
AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage
Mi-17-1 Hip RussiaV.I.P. Transport HelicopterV2

Attack Helicopter
AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage
Mi-171 Hip RussiaBattlefield Close Air SupportSh6

AircraftOriginRoleSeriesIn serviceNotesImage
Mi-17 Hip RussiaAir Assault, MedEvac, Battlefield Close Air SupportH17+

Bell 212 United StatesAir Assault, Special Ops, SAR, MedEvac


List of BAF obsolete and retired aircraft:
AircraftOriginRoleVersionsNo. of UnitsNotesImage
North American Aviation F-86 Sabre United StatesFighter aircraftF408Surrendered by Pakistan Air Force.Col Ben O. Davis leads F-86 flight (51st FIW, Korea).jpg
C-47 Dakota United StatesMilitary transport aircraft
1Ex Indian Air Force.Douglas c47-a skytrain n1944a cotswoldairshow 2010 arp.jpg
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter CanadaMilitary transport aircraft
1Ex Indian Air Force.US Army U-1A Otter Running up for Takeoff at the Hue Citadel Airfield, Republic of Vietnam July, 1967.jpg
Aérospatiale Alouette III FranceUtility helicopter
4Ex Indian Air Force.ÖBH AlouetteIII Landeck Abflug2.jpg
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Soviet UnionFighter aircraftMF10
MiG-21 RB15.JPG
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Soviet UnionFighter aircraftUM2
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Soviet UnionFighter aircraftFL2
MiG above clouds.jpg
Mil Mi-4 Soviet UnionTransport Helicopter
Shenyang J-5 ChinaInterceptor aircraft
Shenyang J-5.jpg
Shenyang JJ-5 ChinaInterceptor aircraft
Shenyang J-5.jpg
Augusta Bell-205 United StatesTransport Helicopter
2Ex Imperial Iranian Air Force.UH-1D helicopters in Vietnam 1966.jpg
Antonov An-24 Soviet UnionMilitary transport aircraftV1V.I.P Transport. Known as BalakaAntonow an-24.jpg
Antonov An-26 Soviet UnionMilitary transport aircraft
Polish AN-26.jpg
Shenyang J-6 ChinaOperational conversion unit

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