Atılgan PMADS of Bangladesh

TypeShort Range Air Defence System
Place of origin Turkey
Service history
Used byTurkish Armed Forces
Production history
VariantsZıpkın PMADS - Bora PMDAS
The ATILGAN PMADS (Pedestal-Mounted Air Defence Missile System) is a fully automated firing unit for Very Short-Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS) missiles such as the FIM-92 Stinger, providing autonomous as well as coordinated operation with C3I systems and other air defence assets. Currently integrated onto an armoured tracked vehicle, the modular turret incorporating LRU sub-systems can be integrated on various types of carrier vehicles.


ASELSAN designed developed and integrated the systems on two different vehicle types. PMADS is an indigenous product developed by ASELSAN based on requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, as a result of a co-operative R&D project supported by the Turkish Undersecretaries for Defence Industries (SSM). The ATILGAN variant is based on the M113A2 tracked APC chassis and was produced to meet the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC).


Atilgan has a gyrostabiliser one-man turret launcher assembly which is fitted on top of an M113 to the rear decking; this carries eight ready-to-fire missiles and provides surveillance, acquisition and shoot-on-the-move capability. An additional eight reload round can be carried within the vehicle in their launcher-containers. Although originally based on the Stinger missile, the infrastructure is suitable for the system to be reconfigured for different Very Short Ranged surface to air missiles.
The sensor suite incorporates a second-generation, two field of view focal plane array thermal imager, and a daylight TV camera with zoom capability for passive day/night surveillance, target acquisition and tracking. A multi-pulse laser range finder is also integrated for target ranging.
The fire-control computer also has a flexible hardware and software architecture for evolving mission requirements. All system functions are commanded from a control console that can also be dismounted from the vehicle. Remote operation at distances up to 50 m from the vehicle or platform can be carried out. The system also incorporates a 12.7 mm machine gun for self-defence and missile dead zone coverage. The machine gun can be remotely commanded by use of the system control unit, and can be fired either in bursts or in continuous mode, selectable from the system control unit.


  • Bangladesh Zıpkın Variant on order

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