Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy
Bangladesh Navy Crest
Active1971 - present
Country Bangladesh
Size17,000 personnel
Naval HeadquartersDhaka, Bangladesh
Mottoশান্তিতে সংগ্রামে সমুদ্রে দূর্জয়
In War and Peace Invincible at Sea
Chief of Naval StaffVice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed (ND), ndc, psc, BN
Bangladesh Navy ensignNaval Ensign of Bangladesh.svg
The Bangladesh Navy (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ নৌবাহিনী) is the naval arm of the Bangladesh Armed Forces. At present the navy is mostly limited to coastal patrolling, however it is implementing an ambitious procurement and expansion program to ensure the security of Bangladesh's maritime boundary.


The Bangladesh Navy was formally created as part of Bangladesh Forces during Bangladesh's 1971 Independence war against Pakistan. Its official creation date is July 1971 during the historic Bangladesh Sector Commanders Conference 1971. In 1971, with West Pakistan imposing a brutal military crack-down in East Pakistan, the Bangladesh Liberation War was already underway. Many Bengali sailors and officers in the Pakistan Navy defected to form the nascent Bangladesh Navy. Initially, there were two ships and 45 navy personnel. On 9 November 1971, the first naval fleet consisting of six small patrol vessels were inaugurated. These ships tried to carry out raids on the Pakistani fleet, but were mistakenly hit and sunk by Indian Air Force on December 10, 1971. The next major attack was launched on Mongla seaport. According to official figures from Bangladesh Navy, a total of 334 sailors were involved with the newly created navy with 22 being killed in action.


Bangladesh Navy (BN) has its Head Quarter at Banani, Dhaka. HQ has 4 branches, Operations (O), Personnel (P), Material (M) and Logistics (Log). Each branch is headed by officers who are titled as Principal Staff Officer (PSO) and known as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff(ACNS), e.g. ACNS(O). Under each PSO there are various Directorates headed by Directors with the rank of Captain. Under each Director there are Deputy Directors (DD) and Staff Officers (SO). Flag officers holding command and/or important positions in the Bangladesh Navy are as follows.


CNS flag.gif Chief of Naval Staff
  • Naval Secretariat
  • Judge Advocate General
  • Naval Secretary (NS)
  • Drafting Authority
  • Directorate of Naval Operations (DNO)
  • Directorate of Naval Plans (DNP)
  • Directorate of Naval Intelligence (DNI)
  • Directorate of Works (D of Wks)
  • Directorate of Naval Signals (D Sig)
  • Directorate of Hydrography (D of Hydro)
  • Directorate of Personnel Services (DPS)
  • Directorate of Naval Training (DNT)
  • Directorate of Welfare (D of Wel)
  • Directorate of Naval Education Services (DNES)Inst
  • Directorate of Civilian Personnel (DCP)
  • Directorate of Medical Services (DMS)
  • Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Materiel)
  • Directorate of Naval Engineering (DNE)
  • Directorate of Naval Weapon and Electrical Engineering (DNWEE)
  • Directorate of Naval Armament Inspection and Supply (DNAIS)
  • Directorate of Information Technology (DIT)
  • Directorate of Naval Stores (DNS)
  • Directorate of Naval Budget (D of Budget)
  • Directorate of Technical Stores (DTS)
  • Directorate of Pay Pension and Accounts (DPP&A)

Area/Operational Commands

  • Commodore Commanding Chittagong (COMCHIT) - Commodore Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed,(TAS),ndc,psc, BN
  • Commodore Commanding Khulna (COMKHUL) - Commodore K T Zaman, (C), ndc, psc, BN
  • The Naval Administrative Authority Dhaka (Admin Dhaka)- Commodore A S M A Baten, (E), ndc, psc, BN
  • Commodore Commanding BN Flotilla (COMBAN) - Commodore M Anwarul Islam,(ND), ndc, afwc, psc, BN
  • Commodore Superintendent Dockyard (CSD) - Commodore M Zarzeul Islam (L), ndc, psc, BN

List of Chiefs of Naval Staff

Ranks in Bangladesh Navy

Commission Rank

Bangladesh Bangladesh Navy
Vice AdmiralRear AdmiralCommodoreCaptainCommanderLieutenant-

Junior Commission and Non Commission Rank
Serial No.Junior & non Commission Rank
02Rank-Second Class.UT
03Rank-Second Class (e.g.: OD)(See D&R)
04Rank-First Class (e.g.: AB) (See D&R)
06Petty Officer
07Chief Petty Officer
08Senior Chief Petty Officer
09Master Chief Petty Officer


Bangladesh Navy has 6 administrative branches:
  1. Executive (X)
  2. Mechanical Engineering(E)
  3. Electrical Engineering(L)
  4. Supply (S)
  5. Education
  6. Medical (M)


Serial & DepartmentExecutiveRadio & RadarElectricalMechanicalAdmin & RegulatingSupply & StoreMedical
04PO (Petty Officer)REA-IVEA-IVERA-IVPO (R)PO (S)PO (Med)
05CPO (Chief Petty Officer)Chief REAChief EAChief ERAMAACPO (S)Chief Med
06SCPO (Senior Chief Petty Officer)SCPO (R)SCPO (L)SCPO (E)
07MCPO (Master Chief Petty Officer)MCPO (R)MCPO (L)MCPO (E)MCPO (Reg)MCPO (S)MCPO (Med)
08Sub Lieutenant (X)Sub Lieutenant (L)Sub Lieutenant (L)Sub Lieutenant (E)Sub Lieutenant (Reg)Sub Lieutenant (S)Sub Lieutenant (WM)


BNS Bongobondhu1.jpg

Naval Aviation

NameTypeNumber of AircraftsUnitNotes
AgustaWestland AW-109 Power[3]Anti-Ship/-Submarine Warfare, Search And Rescue2

Surface Combatants

TypeNumber of ShipsUnitNotes
Guided Missile Frigate2

Will be replaced by FF(G).
Large Offshore Patrol Vessel8

Fast Attack Craft (Missile)9

Fast Attack Craft (Torpedo)8

Fast Attack Craft (Anti Submarine Warfare)4

Fast Attack Craft (Gun)9

Fast Attack Craft (Patrol)5

Rapid Response Boat16
Used by SWADS.
Training Ship1

Mine Warfare5

Amphibious Warfare11


Guided Weapons

C-802Anti Ship MissileA ChinaBNS Osman, shore based launcher.

SilkwormAnti Ship MissileSY-1 & HY-2 ChinaFAC(M).
OtomatAnti Ship MissileMk.2 Block IV ItalyBNS Bangabandhu, received in 2000-01.
FM-90Point Defence SAM SystemN ChinaBNS Osman & BNS Bangabandhu.
A-244TorpedoS France/ Italy

Small Arms

Type 92Semi-automatic pistol9mm ChinaStandard issue sidearm.
SIG Sauer P226/228/229Semi-automatic pistol9mm Germany[verification needed]
Type 56Assault rifle7.62mm BangladeshUpgraded version of Ak-47. Produced under license by BOF.
BD-08Assault rifle7.62mm BangladeshProduced under license by BOF.
BD-08Light machine gun7.62mm BangladeshProduced under license by BOF.
DShKHeavy machine gun12.7mm Soviet Union

Marines and Special Forces

The Bangladesh Navy maintains a Marines and Special Operations unit known as the SWADS. The current strength of the unit is classified.

Future Expansion Plan

The Government of Bangladesh announced an ambitious defense procurement plan in February 2009 for a major purchase of weaponry, equipment and hardware for its armed forces, including anti-tank and anti-ship missile systems, aircraft for maritime patrol, frigates, tanks and helicopters. The Parliamentary standing committee in principle agreed to a 10-year development program in June 2009, under which the navy is to acquire 3 missile frigates, 3 large offshore patrol vessels with helicopter deck (2 already acquired, with a third in the process), 12 patrol craft, submarines, 2 landing craft (utility), 2 hydro-graphic research ship ( 1 acquired), 1 salvage vessel, 4 Fast Attack Craft (Missile) and install guided weapons systems in some ships to strengthen their combat capability. Following BNS Osman, BNS Bangabandhu, the most modern ship of Bangladesh Navy, is going to be equipped with maritime helicopter, air defence and anti-ship missile. Bangladesh Navy is currently in the process of replacing it's three age-old ex-Royal Navy frigates (BNS Abu Bakar, BNS Ali Haider and BNS Umar Farooq) with modern frigates within the next couple of years and also preparing to add submarines to its fleet by 2019.
As of April,2010 the rapid modernization program of BN involves order of:
  1. 2x F-22B guided missile frigate (China),
  2. 2x large patrol craft/missile corvette (China),
  3. 1x Hydrographic Survey ship (Indigenous),
  4. 1x Fleet Replenishment Oil Tanker (Indigenous),
  5. 2x LCU (Indigenous),
  6. 1x Salvage ship (Indigenous),
  7. 12x Patrol boats -Indigenous,
  8. 3x Harbin Z-9C Anti-Submarine helicopter (China),
  9. C-802 ASM missiles for 3 frigate and 4 missile boats (China),
  10. Otomat Mk.2 Blk IV for BNS Bangabandhu (EU),
  11. FM-90N SAM for 3 frigates (China).
On discussion:
  1. 3x guided missile frigates in addition to the couple ordered from China,
  2. 2x King Air MPA (USA),
  3. New generation of light and heavy Torpedoes (EU + China),
  4. 4x guided missile corvette (Turkey - Milgem),
  5. 3x Submarine (Turkey / Germany / South Korea).

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