BNS Ali Haider Frigate

HMS Jaguar F37.jpg
HMS Jaguar (F37)
Career (UK)RN Ensign
Name:HMS Jaguar (F37)
Fate:Sold to Bangladesh 1980
Career (Bangladesh)Naval Ensign of Bangladesh.svg
Name:Ali Haider
General characteristics
Class and type:Leopard-class frigate
Length:101 m
Beam:10.6 m
Draught:3 m
Propulsion:Two type 12 E 390V diesels; 14,400 hp (m) (10.6MW) sustained
2 shafts
Speed:18 knots
Range:2200 miles at 18 kts
Complement:200 (22(app.) officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Surface: Square Tie
  • Air & Surface: MX 902 Eye Shield
  • Navigation: Don 2 or Fin Curve
  • Fire Control:
  • Echo Type 3 (Hull Mounted)
  • Guns:
  • D/C: 2 BMB-2 projectors; 2 ranks
HMS Jaguar (F37), was a Leopard-class Type 41 anti aircraft frigate of the British Royal Navy, named after the jaguar. Sailed from Chatham UK in January 1969 and undertook a world cruise calling at Gibraltar, South Africa, Mombassa, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Fiji, Tonga, Raratonga, Tahiti, Pitcairn, Panama and Florida. Arrived back in UK December 1969. Served in the "Cod Wars" in the 1970's. Was holed in the bows during one patrol. Was subsequently fitted with reinforced bows and stern.


In 1980 she was sold to the Bangladesh Navy. Last reported on 27th July 2010 the ship has been decommissioned or no longer in active service. The Ali Haider is currently moored at Chittagong.


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