BNS Madhumati OPV

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Class and type:Sea Dragon Class
Name:BNS Madhumati
Builder:Hyundai, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
Launched:August 31, 1997
Commissioned:February 18, 1998
In service:1998-Present
Status:In service
General characteristics
Displacement:635 tones
Propulsion:2 x SEMT-Pielstick 12 PA6 diesels; 9,600 hp(m) (7.08 MW) sustained; 2 x shafts
Speed:24 kt
Range:6,000 n miles at 15 kt
Complement:43 (7 officers)
Electronic warfare
and decoys:
Weapons Control: Optronic director, Surface Search: Kelvin Hughes KH 1007; I-band, Navigation: GEM Electronics SPN 753B; I-band
Armament:1 x Bofors 57 mm/70 Mk 1; 1 x Bofors 40 mm/70; 2 x Oerlikon 20 mm
Nickname:BNS Madhumati
BNS Madhumati is an offshore patrol vessel of the Bangladesh Navy.
It is currently serving in Lebanon under the auspices of the United Nations program UNIFIL. It was the first South Asian naval vessel to serve in this volatile region.
It has previously intercepted ships of the Myanmar Navy which Bangladesh claimed entered it's territorial waters or EEZ

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  1. this ship first identefied advancing burmese ships into bangladeshi teritory


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