QW-2 Man-Portable Air Defence System of Bangladesh

The QianWei-2 (QW-2) is China’s third indigenous shoulder-launched air-defence missile. First revealed in 1998, the missile is based on the rocket motor of the QW-1, but its launcher and the missile bare strong resemblance to the Russian 9K310 Igla-1 (NATO codename: SA-16 Gimlet).
QW-2 is considered by many Chinese media sources as the Chinese equivalent of FIM-92E and it is a development of the QW-1 Vanguard series.
The QW-2 is gradually replacing the HN-5A MANPADS and is manufactured under license in Bangladesh. The QW-2 manufacturing plant has the capacity to produce 2,000 missiles annually. It is in service with the Bangladesh Army and Navy.

TypeMan-Portable Air Defence System
System Length1.590 m
System Weight18 kg
Missile Length1.423 m
Missile Weight11.32 kg
Missile Diameter0.072 m
PropulsionSingle stage solid rocket
Single Shot Hit Probability75%
Operating Altitude10-4,000 m
Operating Range500-6,000 m
Maximum Speed600 m/s
Warhead0.57 kg
ServiceBangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy


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  1. Air Defence of Bangladesh

    1. VSHORAD : FB-6A (6 km)
    2. SHORAD : FM-90 (12 km, for point defence)
    3. Medium Range : LY-60D/LY-60N (22 km, for limited aerial defence)
    4. Semi-Long Range : LY-70 [Naval Version]/LY-80 (42km, for aerial defence)

    [LY-70/LY-80 is a reverse engineered version of Russian BUK-M1-2]"

    MANPADS: FN-16 .


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