Bangladesh Army in Rescue Mission


  1. 3/1/2011 8:30pm
    grave immoral act by an SP highway bogora & CO RAB-1
    SP Mir Ashraf Ali of Bogora Highway impersonated himself as The SP of Bogora for the sake of showdown brought his vehicle for an imperial entrance into the neighborhood of Ulon west rampura riding a conspicuous vehicle, Mitsubishi Pajero Dhaka Metro Gho 116776 getting into 212's building at Ulon Road, West Rampura Dhaka and feasting onto the 3rd. flr. to boost up Monir & spouse Bilu- a crime committing couple being an inflentail member of a crime committing syndicate led by self-proclaimed Matabars specializing in land/house grabbing, lake filling, forgery, harboring creating criminals, running drugs, bribery blackmailing, prostitution, vandalizing, extortion, loan-sharking, encouraging building code violation, oppressing, attacking and ruining a renowned family… joined by Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom CO of RAB-1 he too bringing an extensive vehicles of RAB Dhaka Metro 02-3303 DM Ga 174645 etc in full gear making the area look like a block raid . Later they threatened my family to leave our very own residence or else we will be picked up and/or deface to the extent of being unrecognizable further he will make sure our whereabouts are untraceable.

  2. A rotten fish can spoil the entire pond.

    Should Bangladesh Army take responsibility onto their shoulders for a handful of bad apples in the Military? If not, be alert partners for an epidemic has spread known as "GREED"! A contagious cancer affecting the autonomy of the force widespread. Its better late then never. Forget about united we stand divide we fall, Cause falling have already started when making the no way decision citing "BDR Tragedy!" Birds of the same feather flock together & Brotherly Bondness just wipe them away. Bangladesh Army can live without the residue. Obviously the Perpetrators need to be held accountable for their misconduct without failure & let it be known to the Public for support.

    Someone once told me that it is next to impossible to defame BD Army reputation- By a Single Person. But a one man Army is capable of ruining rather polluting an entire locality plus manipulating various department, organisation, cooperation etc.And as for defaming BD Army by a single person- told him to just take a good look out of his window where he would find his answer loud and clear!

  3. In the name of Hatir Jheel Project monitored by the Bangladesh Army, location: Extreme North west corner of Ulon inestimable canals alongside are filled by night by the encroachers even as speculation add to army’s involvement isn’t just a rumor... A Lake is being filled since the inception of the endeavor some says governments doings, others an influential character, even army’s culpability helped by Eastern Developers. (obscuring as temporarily kept for now to be taken away later on as theirs no space left) currently a vast area of Lake been encroached as demarcating a plot. A Signboard is erected by Vertex View Holding Ltd is among many other adjoining houses. with the motive of claiming the gap in between... covering up with big rounded concrete tunnel slabs. And Matabar Bari Masjid ( a crime committing syndicate led by self-proclaimed Matabars insulated by a man-in-uniform...) 211/E/1 in ulon area-filling up a canal upsurges a multi-storied building that used to be an integral part of Hatirjheel that flowed south towards Rampura.Encl: Daily Ittefaq headline dtd 12 & 13 March 2010.

    I strongly demand Prime Minister’s direct attention into the crucial matter above.
    a mobile court is suggestible to intercede promptly.

    Your True fellowship,

    HEAL THE WORLD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE . (sing the praise of Michael Jackson)

  4. Sexual Harassment over cellular phone by M.Sohail RAB Legal & Media Wing Director.

    01199816209. 4/3/2011 8:04pm. 2m04s

    Obviously M. Sohail, Commander of RAB Legal & Media Wing called over cell to inquire me the meaning of the SMS forwarded to him: Pls. check out the net, typing Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom RAB-1 CO.“Just what it says, read the writing on the wall and you will get your answer in a very short while.” I replied.“This SMS is illicit and he is not going to glance what’s written in the internet.(of course he won’t, then he’ll turn into a runt if he does)“Why don’t you go to court instead?”“Because I will have the dirty job done by others as a substitute- inferring to RAB moreover the defaulters. Besides Rashid has kept me at bay from the court.“Bullshit.” He cursed.“Watch your mouth Mister.” I rigidly warned.“Then, you better stop transmitting this nonsense.”“No l wont, Freedom of Information Act has been passed not to mention Freedom of Speech and it’s a free country, everybody has the right to know what’s going on, lets just think of it as A Spread of Message. What you gonna do about that? Do whatever you can. I’m here and I’m awaiting.” He became furiously vehement verbally cussing at me ” FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU & FUCK YOU."
    TO Note: 7:35pm SMS was sent, approximately 30mins of time elapsed in ringing me. What transpired within the period? I Believe Commander Sohail informed to Lt. COl. Rashid, not only out of sheer blemished curiosity punched in the words to reveal the cat has finally been out of the bag! Could it be that the nemesis himself? Ringing thru by not acquiring his own designated mobile number:01199818251,01713040405 , personal- 01713494191,01715025935.(very smart) For who could be so fuming with rage that knows no bounds and a malignant abhorrence so shocking.


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