Air Defence System of Myanmar


Pechora 2M (new Air Defence System)


2S6 Tunguska M1

Bloodhound SAM-2 (From Singapore)
BUK-M1 Radar


SA-16 & SA-18

SA-6 Radar

SA-6 missile


  1. Bangladesh is no has Air Defence missiles System

  2. So far every goverment who rule bd were bunch of dictators, who ever come's to power wan't to stay in power for forever never want's to give a chance to hi/her fellow party members dont have any system place an example one leader can run the country twice only. I don't blame the goverment and party members because majority party members don't care who benefit long as they can benefite financially. And only few members who likes to do some good for the people and forthe country were made silent by the majority members likes the one a/l taz he was the right person he was vocal gov made him silen't it didn't sereved their best purpouse.
    Members of the public had big opportunity to have theire say when interium goverment came in power rounded up some of the criminals. And they were paraded on tv including their lavish life style i t realy exposed. Public should have stand united and said -2 but they never did all they said hasina and khaleda. So interium gov had no choice had to o free them two . Genarel public were blaming military backed gov.People of bd never ever will get the same opportunity again. Thats what you will get to see bnp blaming awamilig . Both party will blame each other it's a culture cat & mouse gave
    Former anti corruption chairmen mosud he was strong and toufgh solid man for the job he does less talk and more action.
    Soon as
    Elected gov came to power genarel masud had leave because goverment don't like the way he work he exposed theire wrong doing
    and he wanted anti corruption agency to operate independently and no body should dictate it.

    I must say this time hasina is trying her best to do some good work for the country overral, however some of her ministers causing her provelem. On her own how much can she deliver. I pray for her for trying this time

    talking about air defence system i hope gov make right desition
    buy quality and not the quantity.

    For give me if i upset your fellings


  3. Pakistan is in big problem with america
    who knows what will happen to pakistan
    If they don't go after haqini

    only allah knows best

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  5. i think Bangladesh air and border defense they have to more upgraded,this time most of the aircraft its not showing to radar and its really important for Bangladesh.

  6. i know that Bangladesh have air defense but its not enough for the any air thereat.they have be more upgrade.


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