Photos from 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War

February 21, 1971: People pay tribute to the martyrs of language movement at the Shahid Minar, last time in East Pakistan. Dhaka, East Pakistan
A decomposed body near Rayer Bazar killing ground.
Inspired by Bangabandhus speech on 7th March, 1971, in Race Course now known as Sohrowardi Uddyan, retired army personnel assembled in Outer Stadium to prepare for Liberation War.
A soldier shakes hand and salutes Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. Bangladesh. 1971.
A  procession against the Government of Yahia Khan in Mymensingh. Bangladesh. April, 1971.
                         Torchlight procession in front of Shahid Minar (Monument for the martyr of Language Movement during 21 February 1952) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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