Photos from 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War

1969: The Jinnah Avenue, now known as Bangabandhu Avenue, during a strike or hartaal
On 6th December 1971, as India acknowledges Bangladesh as an independent state, Bangladeshis in Kolkata bring out a large victory procession
The Palbari area of Jessore, destroyed by bombing
Female Students on the streets during the non-coperation movement of 1970
Bangabandhu held a press conference at his 32, Dhanmondi residence. Dhaka, East Pakistan. March 1971
This picture is of two non-bengali members of
Lalbagh Shanti committee are ridiculed
A street child or Tokai leading a procession during the mass revolt of 1969. Dhaka, East Pakistan.
                        The field in front of Jessore Degree College was used as killing ground


  1. the politicians who were involved in the creation of bangladesh and during the process lots of human lives were lost,. are all killed with there families , buttoh, sheikh mujib, and indra gandhi.ALLAH does justice in this world,


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