angladesh Navy's New Generation Guided Missile Corvettes (FSG)

Last month the Bangladesh Navy released a tender on 2 x Guided Missile Corvettes. Only two suppliers showed interest including Turkish company STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM). This company was responsible for the design and project management of the Turkish Milgem class guided missile corvettes. In most likelihood STM will win the contract and start constructing corvettes very similar to the Milgem class. There are two variants of the Milgem class, including Version I and Version II. Version two is more modular in design and is flexible enough to accommodate Bangladesh Navy's requirements in regards to combat fire control systems, electronics package and armaments.

Armaments options the Bangladesh Navy could possibly select:

1 - 76 mm AK-176 (Main gun)
2 - OTO 40 mm (CIWS)
3 - C-802 or C-803 (SSM)
4 - No VLS? (VLS)
5 - FM-90N/Crotale (SHORAD)
6 - STOP 25/30/35 mm (Auto-cannon)
7 - STAMP 12.7 mm (RCWS-MG)
8 - Yu-7 or Mu-90 (Torpedo)
9 - Z-9EC (ASW Helicopter)

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