Myanmar gets two used Jianghu II-class (Type 053H1) Frigate

The Myanmar Navy recently received two Jianghu II-class (Type 053H1) frigates declared surplus to requirement by China's naval command. Pictures from the chinese internet taken in early March 2012 in Shanghai show the two frigates already flying the Myanmar flag with new hull numbers from the Myanmar Navy.

The former Chinese frigates are renammed "Mahar Bandoola" (F21) and "Mahar Thiha Thura" (F23).

From 1981 to 1988 Hudong shipyard in Shanghai, designed eight type 053H1 frigates for the PLA Navy and two for Egypt. In 1989, the Xiangtan frigate (hull number 556) was sold from the Chinese Navy to Bangladesh, where it is currently operated as "Osman" (F18). Type 053H1 frigates were somewhat outdated already at the time of construction, and they have low military value nowadays. In recent years, these ships have been gradualy pulled out of service by the Chinese Navy.

According to some reports, two more former PLAN Type 053H1 may soon be sold to Bangladesh.

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