Bangladesh Navy FM-90 SAM

 Bangladesh Navy Uses FM-90 SAM on her Frigates BNS Bangobondhu and BNS Osman.

Missile dimensions: (length) 3.00m; (diameter) 0.156m; (wingspan) 0.55m
Launch weight: 84.5kg
Operating altitude: 30~5,000m
Minimum operating range: 500m
Max operating range: 8,600m (400m/s target); 10,000m (300m/s target); 12,000m (slow flying target such as helicopter)
Speed: Mach 2.3 (750m/s)
Guidance: Command + electro-optical tracking
Warhead: HE-FRAG with proximity fuse
Single shot hit probability: 70~80%
Radar detecting range: 18.4km
Radar homing range: 17km
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