Bangladesh Army Tank Type-69II MK2G

 Bangladesh Army Tank Type-69II MK2G
 Bangladesh Army Tank Type-69II MK2G
 Type-69II MK2G of Bangladesh Army

he Type 69 Mk. II G is a rebuilt Type 69 II with modern armaments and combat systems supplied by China. The “G” suffix is abbreviated for “Gai” in Chinese or simply “Modified”.

The main features upgraded Type 69 Mk. II G includes:

• 120 mm smoothbore main gun (Fires all NATO rounds)
• Capability to fire ATGM from main gun
• Gun stabilisers (vertical, horizontal)
• Modern fire control system
• Combat data link
• Extensive ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) protec tion
• NBC suite
• 1,200 hp diesel engin
• Thermal sights
• Semi-automatic loader
• Laser warning receiver
• Laser range finder
• Range of new ammunition
• Fire fighting equipment
• Communications equipment
• Navigation equipment + GPS
• Jamming equipment

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