Bangladesh F-7BGI vs Indian Mig-21 Bis

F 7BGI Bangladesh Air Force
F 7BGI Bangladesh Air Force

F-7 BGI is the most advanced of all Chengdu F-7 created so far

1) F-7 BGI has a speed of Mach 2.2
2) 7 Hard-points to carry Air to Air missiles , Laser guided bomb, GPS Guided Bombs, Drop tanks
3) Full glass cockpit.
4) can carry 3000 kg Bomb including Chinese Laser Guided Bombs.
5) F-7 BGI has KLJ-6F radar Fire control Radar with 86 km+ Range which is near BVR or BVR considering what is the silver
lining between them and can track 6 and engage 2 enemy aircraft simultaneously.
6) F-7 BGI can carry C-704 Antiship Missiles (Therefore maritime also possible)
7) afterburner: F-7 BGI (82 kN) thrust
8) Missiles procurement are currently unknown for F-7 BGI but they can fire the 70-75 km range PL-12,PL-11 and also PL-2,
PL-5, PL-7, PL-8, PL-9, Magic R.550 and AIM-9 .
9) F-7 BGI got J-7G2 Airframe with double delta wing. This improves the lift at high angles of attack and delays or prevents stalling.
10) G-limit: +8 g / -3 g
11) Service ceiling: 17,500 m (57,420 ft) for F-7 BGI
12) 3 Multi functional HUD displays and Hotas.
13) Chinese Helmet Mounted Sights.
14) Reportedly more maneuverable than most of the Mig21s and many of the other contemporary fighters.

Lets compare it with the latest versions of Mig21 Bison of IAF (they have only 50 of them AFIK).
The Indian upgraded of Mig-21 Bison (Mig 21-93) consists of:

1) Super Kopyo X-band pulse Doppler radar.
2) R-77 / RVV-AEE (AA-12 Adder) beyond visual range missiles and PGMs.,
3) New nosecone, new canopy, single-piece windshield and new canopy made of stressed acrylic composites,
4) Sextant's TOTEM RLG-INS with NSS-100P GPS embedded GPS receivers,
5) El-Op HUD, infrared search and track system (IRST) from Russia's URALs optical-mechanical plant,
6) Two Sextant MFD-55 LCD displays, autopilot, radar warning receivers (RWR), digital flight data recorder, new liquid air cooling system,
7) HOTAS controls, stores management system, digital air data computer system
8) Short range radio navigation system, new HF/VHF/UHF radios,
9) Twin conformal Vympel flare dispensers (26mm, 120 rounds) and a new electric power supply system.
10) Reportedly the new RWR to be fitted, is an indigenous system developed by DRDO and goes by the name Tarang.
11) Mig21-93 has got conventional Tailed Delta Wing Configuration usual to original Mig21 Bison.

Let us now look at them more closely to compare them (I think those who are more conversant with Aircraft Systems may help us understand). However AFIK the bulk of IAF Mig21s are Far inferior in comparison to the up coming F-7BGI. In fact F-7 BGI is a very good stop gap option for BAF while run upto the 4th Gen Fighters.

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