Homemade Stealth Frigate of Myanmar Navy

Burma Navy Stealth friagte F14
Burma Navy Stealth friagte F14

 YANGON: The launching ceremony of Burma Navy’s third locally-build frigate 108m long was held at Burma Naval Dockyards at Thilawar Naval Base in Rangoon.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Defense-Services-Chief and Army Chief-of-Staff Vice-Senior-General Soe Win, Navy Chief-of-Staff General Thuya Thet Swe, and other senior army and navy officers.

At the ceremony the newly-built second stealth-frigate with hull-code F14 was named UMS Sin-phyu-shin. Sin-phyu-shin or Sinbyushin meaning literally “The Possessor of White Elephant” was a famous Burmese king from Burma’s glorious imperial past.

Burma Navy’s second locally-built frigate Kyan-sit-thar (F12) -- the first locally-built stealth-frigate of burma Navy -- is now being fitted with her latest electrical and communication and weapon systems and expected to be commissioned this year 2014.

Burma Navy’s first locally-built frigate Aung-zay-ya (F11) is already the proud flag-ship of our Burma navy successfully turning itself into a blue-water navy from a formerly muddy-water navy of coastal and inland water naval boats. Another 108m frigate F13 still unnamed is currently being built at Thilawar Naval Dockyards.

Frigate Sin-phyu-shin is expected to be fitted with latest Chinese-made ship-destroyer C-602 missiles and the outcome clearly is Burma navy will soon have the best anti-ship missiles of any navy in Southeast Asia. Burma Navy currently deploys two other types of anti-ship missile from China, the C-802 and C-802A, on most of her guided-missile frigates and FACs (Fast Attack Crafts).   
Other advanced anti-ship missiles on board two of Myanmar's most advanced frigates, the F11 and F12, are the Russian-made Kh35 missiles with a range of 130 kilometers. With a diisplacement of more than 3,000 tons the F11  Aungzeya and F12 Kyansitthar are each carrying eight 3.85 meter-long Kh35E missiles.
Burma Navy Stealth friagte F14

C-802 is firing from F21

 Bangladesh has made 5 opv as so far

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