2 Type 035G Class Submarine of Bangladesh Navy

Type 035G Ming Class Submarine for Bangladesh Navy
Type 035G Ming Class Submarine for Bangladesh Navy

People's Liberation Navy has decommissioned two  Type 035G class submarine which might be delivered to Bangladesh Navy in 2015 said by a Chinese naval spokeman.

Bangladesh ordered two boats from China for $203.5M in 2013.Bangladesh Navy was interested in buying S 20 and Type 039 song class submarine which costs $250M per boat but due to budget limitation turned to Ming class submarine.Ming class submarine is developed from Russian Romeo Class submarine.Twelve Type 035G class submarine were built between 1990 and 2001 and last two submarine have AIP propulsion.

Bangladesh Navy have been taking submarine training from Turkey since 2004.Bangladesh's submarine program is at least 10 years old. In March 2004, a govt. minister told the Parliament about buying 4 subs by 2012. But due to political turmoil, the program got delayed, until late 2008, when a naval confrontation with Myanmar accelerated everything. The program got more acceleration after reports of Myanmar Navy's plans to acquire subs. Over the years, at least 100 sailors received submarine training both in Turkey and in China. There's no reason to believe that the subs would be operated by 17 sailors. Of course initial operation may require Chinese help, but Bangladesh Navy sets a high standard in training and operations, which indicates that even if there is Chinese assistance, it would be for a very short period of time. And these subs are arriving in 2015, not in 2019. This was recently confirmed by a high-placed govt. official to the media. And on another note, the 2 subs are likely to be first batch of a bigger submarine arm. Things are likely to be determined by the economic growth of the country.


Displacement (Surface): 1,584 tons
Displacement (Submerged): 2,113 tons
Length: 76m
Beam: 7.6m
Draft: 5.1m
Speed: (Surfaced) 15 knots, (Dived) 18 knots, (S
norting) 10 knots 
Diviing Depth: N/A
Endurance: 8000 miles at 8 knots snorting, 330 at 4 knots dived.


Eight 533mm torpedo tubes (6 bow, 2 stern), carrying a total of 18 torpedoes in tubes and storage racks. Alternatively the submarine can carry 32 mines in its tubes.

The Yu-4 (SAET-60) is a passive homing torpedo designed to attack surface targets up to 15km at a speed of 40 knots. The high-explosive warhead weights 400kg.

The Yu-1 is reverse engineered from the Russian Type 53-51, which was designed to attack surface targets with a maximum range of 9.2km at a speed of 39 knots, or 3.7km at 51 knots. The high-explosive warhead weights 400kg.

Ming class submarine don't posses the capability to fire anti ship missile.


Fitted with a Pike Jaw hull-mounted, medium-frequency for active and passive search and attack. Later Mings are also equipped with a Sintra DUUX 5 low-frequency passive ranging and interception. The Ming has an I-band surface search radar (NATO code-name: Snoop Tray).

Countermeasures include electronic support measures (ESM), radar warning receiver and direction-finder.


Diesel-electric arrangement, consisting of 2 Shaanxi 6E 390 ZC1 diesel rated at 5,200hp (3.82MW), with 2 Xiangtan alternators and 2 shafts.

    Construction of the first Type 035 began in October 1969 at Wuhan Shipyard in central China. The boat was launched in July 1971 and entered service with the PLA Navy in April 1974.There are at least four known variants of the Type 035. The first three boats (hull 232, 233 and an unidentified boat) built between 1969 and 1979 are ES5C. They are said to be trouble-prone and were retired in the 1980s. After the submarine received its national design certificate in 1983, the production resumed in 1987 in the improved Type 035G (ES5D/E), with a total of 12 boats (hull 342, 352~354, 356~363) built between 1988~1995. In the late 1990s, the Type 035 production line was re-opened due to the delay in the development of the new-generation Type 039. An additional 6 boats (hull 305~310) in the improved Type 035B variant were built between 1997 and 2001.

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