Bangladesh Air Force Pilot with F-16

Bangladesh Air Force F-16 Falcon
Bangladesh Air Force Pilot with  F-16 Falcon of Turkey
A Pilot of Bangladesh Air Force standing with F-16 Fighting Falcon of Turkish Air Force

Bangladesh and Turkey have an agreement of training Bangladeshi pilot in Turkey.
Bangladesh Air Force is sending it's pilot to Turkey to receive better training since 2003.Pilots from Bangladesh Air Force are trained with F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-5E/F Tiger II.

Bangladesh Air Force F-16

In 1999 Bangladesh has requested to USA for 27 F-16 Block 15 aircraft.At that time USA refused to sell this aircraft to Bangladesh stating that this aircraft was not suitable for Bangladesh.Later Bangladesh decided to buy Mig-29,a competitor of F-16.Bangladesh ordered 16 Mig-29B in 1999 and has plan for further more 16 Mig-29.During this time Bangladesh's political party Awami League was in power.In 2001 election Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) came to power.However after receiving only 8 Mig-29 the government cancelled the order of the remaining 8 Mig-29 and Bangladesh Air Force's further request of more 16 Mig-29.Bangladesh Air Force has a wish of acquiring 32 Mig-29 altogether which was never fulfilled.
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