BGB will open 50 border post

BGB will open 50 border post
Some 50 border outposts (BOP) will be opened along the Indian border, and around 28 more along the Myanmar border, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) officials have said.

BGB Deputy Director General Abul Hasnat Md Khairul Bashar said some of the outposts had already opened.

“We are opening these BOPs to fight crimes and arms and drug smuggling across the border,” he said.

The BOPs will be positioned along the Khagrachharhi-Naikkhangchharhi border, the official said.

“Some of these areas are so remote BGB members will face a lot of difficulties working there,” he added.

At present, there are almost 550 BOPs along the country’s 4,427 km border.

Khairul Bashar said some of these border areas were unprotected for a long time.

“Criminals and drug smugglers would use these routes. We were unable to protect them since they were so remote.”

In 2011, the government decided to open new border outposts as part of BGB’s reform.

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