BNS Abu Bakar (F 15) in China

Bangladesh Navy Frigate F 15
Bangladesh Navy Frigate F 15 in Huangpu Shipyard
Bangladesh navy frigate BNS Abu Bakr in Huangpu Shipyard,China .
She is armed with 8 C-802A Anti ship Missile with a range of 180 KM.

Bangladesh Navy received two Type 052H2 class friagate from Chian in 2013.
1 535 黄石 / Huangshi Hudong 28 December 1985 15 December 1986 East Sea Fleet Decommissioned in April 2013. Sold to Bangladesh Navy as F15 BNS Abu Bakar.
2 536 芜湖 / Wuhu Hudong 9 August 1986 29 December 1987 East Sea Fleet Decommissioned in April 2013. Sold to Bangladesh Navy as F17 BNS Ali Haider.

These ships are 28 years old.Bangladesh modified them with C-802A.

Displacement:1,700 tons (empty)
2000+ tons (full)
Length:103.2 m
Beam:11.3  m
Draft:3.19  m
Propulsion:2 × 12E390VA,880 kW (7,885 hp) at 480 rpm
2 shafts
Speed:26.5  knots
Range:2,700 mi (4,300 km) at 18 knots
Complement:300 (27 officers)
Sensors and
processing systems:
SJD-5 medium-frequency sonar
SJC-1B reconnaissance sonar
SJX-4 communications sonar
CTC-1629 combat data system (or Chinese copy ZKJ-3A) Radar System:
  • Surface: Type 354 Radar (Eye Shield) 2D , I-band
  • Air Type 517H-1 (Knife Rest) 2D long-range , A-band
  • Navigation: 2 × Racal RM-1290, I-band
  • Fire Control: *Type 352 Radar (Square Tie) surface search fire-control, I-band
  • Type 343 (Wasp Head) fire control radar, G/H-band
  • 2 × Type 341 fire control radar for dual 37 mm AA gun
  • Echo Type 5 (Hull Mounted)
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Data link: HN-900 (Chinese equivalent of Link 11A/B, to be upgraded)
Communication: SNTI-240 SATCOM
RWD-8 (Jug Pair) intercept EW suite
  • Type 9230I radar warning receiver
  • Type 651A IFF
  • Missiles:
  • AShM - 2x4 C-802A
  • Guns:
  • 2 x Type 79A dual-100 mm gun
  • 4 x Type 76 dual-37 mm AA guns
  • Torpedoes: 6x 324 mm LAS (2 triple) tubes (Type II)
  • 1x Whitehead A 244S
  • D/C: **2 x DC racks
  • 4 x Type 64 DC projectors
  • Decoys: 2 x Mk-36RBOC 6-barrel decoy rocket launchers

There is no place for mounting FM-90 Surface to Air Missile (SAM) on them or a Helipad.

Bangladesh Navy has a plane of removing the 100mm gun at back and installing either FM-90 or Helipad.

FM-90 will give the frigate a point air defense system.A helipad will not be a wise choice

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