Heavy Firing between BGB (Bangladesh) and BGP (Myanmar)

Heavy firing is taking place Between Border Guard Bangladesh and Myanmar Border Guard Police at Banderban alongside no 52 pilar of Panchari

Heavy Firing between BGB (Bangladesh)  and BGP (Myanmar)
Number 5 in the proposing painachari naiksyanchari border areas border pillars Border Guard Bangladesh ( BGB ) and Border Security Force of  Myanmar Border Guard Police ( BGP ) underway in the fire . The two sides began to fire at half past Friday afternoon . Fire in the last 10 minutes 5pm . Fire stopped at some of the last reported position of the two parties had to face .
An official confirmed the deaths of the detainees later said the first light Myanmar border forces opened fire first . Fired after alleged counter .
The officials , border guards held by Myanmar on Thursday morning mutineers Naik said. Mizanur Rahman was scheduled to return today . That is why the number of border pillar area naiksyanchari border waiting painachari 5 BGB . But Myanmar Border Guard fired with surprise.
As part of routine patrolling yesterday , a team member proposing panachari was paroling in the area.  . Paumchamatra BGB members were fired  without any conformation by  Myanmar Border Guard Police. Naik Mizan has been missing since the incident 

Myanmar Ambassador in Dhaka thanake mu Mint . Foreign Ministry Secretary ( bilateral ) was 
summoned .Myanmar Ambassador Mustafa Kemal called his office . He said Naik detainees immediately . Mizanur Rahman demanded . Myanmar Ambassador to Bangladesh's behalf , he handed over a letter . From Bangladesh in the coming days to prevent such expedition has demanded a detailed investigation .
Myanmar Ambassador to the proximity of the mu Mint has assured the Secretary , Bangladesh, Myanmar concerns the appropriate authorities will be notified . After receiving a reply from the Prime Minister tell the Myanmar authorities .
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