Kornet-E ATGM of Bangladesh Army

Kornet-E ATGM of Bangladesh Army
Kornet-E ATGM of Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army ordered a large number of 9M133 Kornet-E Anti tank Guided Missile from Russia in 2013 which are to be delivered by 2014.

Kornet ATGM has damages several Abrams M1 tanks of US ARMY in 2003 during Iraq Invansion.It has a range of 6 km and can penetrate Indian T-90s,Arjun MBT and Myanmar MBT-2000 tanks.
 Bangladesh Army has over 600 BTR-80 as of 2012 and more on order.Some of BTR-80 APC may be modified to carry these missile.
 Kornet-E ATGM of Bangladesh Army
The Kornet was especially created to control more modern armored vehicles by the KBP Instrument Design Making Bureau, Tula, Russia. The guided missile comes with an integrated thermal sight to discharge during the night as well as in complicated conditions. The Kornet has the capability to attack present-day and more modern armored vehicles that are endowed with explosive reactive shields, ramparts, aggressive forces, slow flying targets, sea-based vehicles and some other objectives.

Specifications of Kornet ATGM
Weight 27 kg (29 kg with launch tube)
Length 1200 mm
Diameter 152 mm
Warhead 1000–1200 mm RHA penetration after ERA with Tandem HEAT, Thermobaric
Warhead weight 7 kg HEAT, 10 kg TNT equivalent Thermobaric
Impact fuze

Wingspan 460 mm
Propellant Solid-fuel rocket

8,000 m (anti-tank),

SACLOS laser beam riding
Two control surfaces
Accuracy <5 m
Launch Platform of Kornet ATGM

Kornet-E ATGM of Bangladesh Army
Launching Platform

MetisM and Kornet Missile used by Bangladesh Army

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