Metis M1 ATGM

Metis M1 ATGM
Metis M1 ATGM
Bangladesh Army received 120 Metis M1 Anti Tank Guided Weapon (ATGM) and around 1200 Missile.
This missile can penetrate 900mm Armour at 2km range

The Bangladesh Army formally introduced the Russian-built 9K115-2 Metis-M1 (AT-13 'Saxhorn-2') anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system into service during a ceremony at Dhaka Cantonment on 23 December 2013.

Weight13.8 kg
Length980 mm
Diameter130 mm
WarheadHEAT tandem warhead, Armor penetration behind  900-950 mm.Thermobaric anti-personnel/anti-material warhead is also available.

Enginesolid-fuel rocket
0.08 - 2 km
Speed200 m/s
Metis M1 ATGM


  1. changes from the traveling to the firing position—and vice versa—in 15 – 20 seconds;
  2. firing rate of 3 - 4 rounds per minute;
  3. fired from organized and deployed sites in the prone and standing foxhole positions as well as from combat vehicles;
  4. can be shipped by any type of transport and can be air-dropped.
The Metis-M system comprises:
  1. combat assets;
  2. maintenance facilities;
  3. training aids.
The combat assets of the Metis-M system include:
  1. 9M131 (9M131F) ATGM;
  2. 9P151 launcher;
  3. 1PBN86-VI thermal sight.


The Metis-M ATGM system has a semi-automatic guidance system, with commands transmitted over a wire link. The guidance system is constructed so that the most sophisticated and costly components, such as a gyroscopic coordinator, electronic units and an onboard battery, are excluded from the missile.

Metis M1 ATGM
Prime Minister and Bangladesh Army General with Metis M1 ATGM

Bangladesh Army also uses HJ-8 ATGM as main ATGM.
Bangladesh Amy ordered same amount of Kornet ATGM from Russia which has a range of 6 km
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