Myanmar is getting HQ-12 / KS-1 Mid Range SAM (Surface to Air Missile)

HQ-12 Surface to Air Missile of Myanmar
HQ-12 Surface to Air Missile of Myanmar

Myanmar armed forces have signed a contract to buy 4 systems (24 dual-launch vehicles) of air defense missile mid range KaiShan 1A (also known as KS-1A), the export variant of the Chinese built HongQi 12 (HQ-12).
With this agreement, Myanmar has become the first foreign country to use anti-aircraft missile system KS-1A.

This Missile have a range of 50 KM and altitude of 27 km which can shoot down Russian Mig-29 of Bangladesh and American F-16 of Thailand.
The rockets will be delivered to Myanmar in June this year.
The indigenous Chinese HongQi 12 (KaiShan 1) is a medium range, high altitude surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. It will bring a quality leap for Burma’s air defense forces. The Myanmar army’s air defense capabilities Myanmar are relatively weak.
Today, Myanmar’s air defense weapons are mainly artillery and high defense missiles, weapons failing to meet air force’s combat conditions.

Features of the HQ-12 missiles. 

China has signed an agreement to provide its Hongqi-12 surface-to-air missiles to Myanmar to defend its capital city of Naypyidaw from potential air attacks, according to the Kanwa Defense Review published by Andrei Chang in Canada.
The HQ-12 missile, also known as its export name of KaiShan 1A or KS-1A is a a medium- to long-range system, designed to engage missiles as well as aircraft. Malaysia initially planned to purchase the KS-1A from China in 2000 but the Malaysian government backed out after the KS-1A was unable to compete against Russia's SA-11 Buk missile system, according to the Kanwa Defense Review.
Chinese designers have since modified the outdated missile system, leading them to win the recent contract with Myanmar. A missile battalion of the People's Liberation Army Air Force is equipped with four launchers and eight missiles, with the range of KS-1A missile estimated to be 50 kilometers. The missile is likely to be deployed to Naypyidaw to defend the capital city, the review said.
Pakistan is also negotiating with the Chinese government to purchase its HQ-16 and HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles. Senior official in Pakistan told the Kanwa Defense Review that the only obstacles standing between Pakistan and China signing a contract is the current price of the missiles

KS-1 SAM of Myanmar
KS-1 SAM of Myanmar
Could shoot down American aircraft
As a developing country, while the area of Myanmar wide but the location need not much defense. So, the HQ-12 if equipped for the military of Myanmar will mostly assume the ground mission.
If the Western powers to attack Myanmar, attacks can come from the East and the city of Yangon. Meanwhile, rocket HQ-12 deployed in any one location in the outskirts of downtown Yangon is able to cover the city’s airspace.
The current capital of Naypyidaw is Myanmar in Mandalay, are surrounded by forested mountains, the eastern front was the high mountain ranges, if missiles HQ-12 on the mountain in the East can also protect the city.
But the two fighters 4 generations of America’s F-16 and F/A-18 has advantages and strong operational capacity but can not afford basis.So, with the ability to search and jamming of missile and radar system HQ-12 can easily strike the American plane.
Rocket HQ-12 can also destroy the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, especially unmanned aircraft like the Global Hawk strategy.
HQ-12 Surface to Air Missile of Myanmar
 Currently, unmanned aircraft in service with the US Army reconnaissance capability, however, is very strong and capable of certain attacks but most of them are incapable of stealth, meanwhile, slow speed and poor maneuverability made it very vulnerable to anti-aircraft missile as rockets the HQ-12 shot down.
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