Myanmar Planted Land Mines alongside Bangladesh Border

Myanmar Planted Land Mines alongside Bangladesh Border
Border Guard Bangladesh has alleged that the Burmese Army has planted landmines along the Burma-Bangladesh border violating international statues. Military engineering units of Myanmar planed the land mines along border pillars no 37, 38, 39 and 40 with variant of distances of 70 yards to 100 yards.

It is believed that Myanmar resorted to planting land mines because their engineers failed to construct fences along dense forests in several areas.The fencing is done with fear that the restive Arakan state oppressed citizens would build up resistance against the Burmese authorities with aid of Bangladesh.:-)haha According to Narinjara, a Burmese newspaper the land mines were planted along the northern parts of Maungdaw township of Myanmar, which is adjacent to Taungbro, Bangladesh.

The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has already notified their Myanmar counterparts about the violations but have yet to receive any replies from the Burmese authorities.

BGB'sDirector General, Major General Aziz Ahmed categorically stated to the media that Myanmar had no right to plant land mines within 150 yards from the international zero line along the border with Bangladesh. The countries are also prohibited from constructing any fixed military fortifications along the no man's land yet intelligence report from the area say otherwise.Military intelligence sources from Bangladesh have said Myanmar forces have constructed artillery fire bases, bunkers and machine gun nests along the border with Bangladesh due to their perpetual fear of invasionfrom the neighboring country
The Bangladesh government has raised the issue of the latest provocation from Myanmar forces during a foreign secretary level meeting between the two countries in Naypyidaw on June 14.
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