Bangladesh Army's BMTF will make new Military Trucks

Bangladesh Army BMTF making new Trucks
New Military Vehicle of Bangladesh Army
 Bangladesh Army's Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory will make new military vehicle.

The Bangladesh Army is standardizing its inventory of 4×4 utility vehicles, cargo trucks, troop transport trucks, artillery tractors, tank transporters, wreckers and field workshop trucks in an effort to streamline logistics in the force. In this regard BMTF is in discussion with a number of foreign vehicle makers regarding these programs, namely China’s Sinotruk and Taian who have an extensive product line of off road heavy duty military trucks in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 range.
Of these companies Taian has already provided the Bangladesh Army the 16-ton TAS-5270A 6×6 heavy duty chassis for a large number of guided multiple barrel rocket launchers that are being pressed in to service. Sinotruk (Howo) also has some limited presence in Bangladesh’s commercial vehicle sector.
Under the deal, BMTF would be looking to assemble the trucks and utility 4×4′s from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) kits initially before manufacturing at least 50% of the vehicle components and spares in Bangladesh to cope with the rising need for heavy duty military vehicles within the armed forces as the military expands rapidly.
Currently the Army managed to standardise 3-ton Arunima Bolyan trucks (troop transporter, water bowser, mobile communications truck, field workshop, ambulance) and 1-ton Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 (patrol vehicle, weapons platform, armoured patrol vehicle, ambulance, field workshop) by assembling and manufacturing parts through its heavy vehicles factory, the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF).
Bangladesh is developing its defence industries with view of self-sufficiency. This is supported by an economy growing at an average of 6% for the past decade.

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