Bangladesh Defence Budget 2014 and other countries

Bangladesh Defence Budget

Defense budget of Bangladesh is 16,491,76,22,000 Taka which is equivalent to US $2.14 Billion for FY 2014-2015.
Defence budget increased by 1200 Koti Taka which is US $155.8 Million

Army Allocation        : $1.17 Billion
Navy Allocation        : $303 Million
Air Force Allocation  : $304 Million

 Defence Budget of south Asian countries as of their GDP

                                      Bangladesh                  India                  Pakistan                 Myanmar

GDP                             : $170 Billion           $1.8 Trillion           $215 Billion         $68 Billion
Total Budget                : $32.5 Billion          $280 Billion            $40 Billion           $19.49 Billion
Defence Budget            : $2.14 Billion          $37 Billion             $6.32 Billion         $2.4 Billion
Percentage of  Budget  : 6.5%                       17%                       15.73%                  12.4%
Percentage of GDP      : 1.25%                     1.79%                    2.9%                      3.5%

Myanmar spends more money of GDP in Defence budget.They spend $1.4 Billion for their 450,000 strong armed forces in salaries and maintenance.The rest $1 Billion is for buying weapons.
On the other side Bangladesh army spends $1.17 Billion for it's 180,000 strong army alone for salaries and maintenance.

Myanmar has 32 Mig-29C while Bangladesh has only 8 Mig-29B.Also Myanmar acquired 4 HQ-12 Medium Range SAM but Bangladesh has only 2 FM-90 Short Range SAM.Myanmar is also considering buying Kilo and Amur Class submarine from Russia.
But to keep pace with neighbor Bangladesh need at least 10 batteries of HQ-16 Medium range SAM and 2 batteries of HQ-9 SAM with ToT for Air Defence of Bangladesh.

We can compare ourselves with Vietnam who has almost same GDP of Bangladesh and has S-300VM SAM,around 36 Su-30K2,Buk-2M SAM,Geperad class frigate.If Vietnam can afford to buy them then we are also capable

GDP of Vietnam is $170 Billion and they have

  • 6 Kilo Class submarine.
  • 2 Geperad Class frigates in their country.
  • 2 Sigma class corvette
  • 2 K-300P Bastion-P systems
  • 36 Su-30MK2
  • 12 Su-27
  • 6 Buk-M2E SAM
  • 2 S-300PMU-2 SAM
  • 8 Pantsir-S1 SAM

If Bangladesh wants to become stronger in military it has to spend it's money wisely and correctly.

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  1. yes bangladesh need to increase her defense budget for buying weapons.


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