Bangladesh Navy is getting Nuclear Weapon carrying large patrol craft

 Nuclear Weapon carrying large patrol craft
LGRD and Cooperatives Minister Syed Ashraful Islam, who is also in-charge of defense ministry in parliament, today said steps are underway to incorporate submarines in Bangladesh Navy to raise "deterrence" in the Bay of Bengal.

Replying to a tabled question of treasury bench member Begum Pinu Khan, he told the House that the government has already taken long-term measures to build a strong naval force to protect maritime boundary from piracy, curb smuggling and safeguard huge water resources.

The minister said the government has a plan to incorporate helicopter carrying missile frigate, corvette (a lightly armed warship), nuclear weapon carrying large patrol craft, speed patrol craft and mine counter measure vessel in Bangladesh Navy to build a strong naval force in future.

Apart from this, he said support vessels like landing craft, support ship, tug boat, survey and research vessels would be incorporated in the Naval force.

Besides, the minister said gun, missile, torpedo, mines and SAM battery would also be added to Bangladesh Navy along with more maritime patrol aircraft and maritime helicopters to expedite patrol in the territorial waters and EEZ areas and also for using during wartime.

Comment: Minister Syed Ashraful Islam said Nuclear weapon carrying large patrol craft by mistake.
Bangladesh has no plan to make nuclear weapon.Bangladesh signed in Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Bangladesh's two neighbor India has 110 nuclear warhead and Myanmar is reported for making nuclear weapon

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