Myanmar Army Troops stays in Myanmar -Bangladesh Border

 Myanmar Army Troops stays in Myanmar -Bangladesh Border
 Myanmar Army Troops stays in Myanmar -Bangladesh Border

Yesterday representatives of Bangladesh and Myanmar border guards met at Maungdaw township in to discuss the ongoing border issues.
The Burmese informed they would continue to deploy their Army and even invited Bangladesh to deploy its Army, violating the 1980 Bangladesh-Myanmar border agreement, which states no country should deploy their armed forces within 5 kilometers of the international border. This emerged after a 23 member BGB delegation led by Colonel Farid Hasan met with Brigadier U Thing Co Co at the Maungdaw Border Immigration Headquarters.
For its part BGB demanded immediate removal of Myanmar Army from the border to maintain peace in the region.
During the meeting the Burmese counterparts returned a Type 56 sub-machine gun, four magazine clips and 98 rounds of ammunition that they looted from Shaheed Naik Mizanur Rahman after killing him.
During the meeting Brigadier U Thing Co Co went on to make lame excuses saying his forces shot Mizanur mistaking him to be a member of Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO), a rebel group that was disbanded a decade ago!
The BGB team rejected the claim that there were any RSO camps inside Bangladesh, said the BGB DG Major General Aziz Ahmed.
The Myanmar authorities also said that they had not yet gone through BGB’s proposal for joint patrol, the BGB DG said.
The Bangladesh-Myanmar border still remains tense since the murder of the BGB soldier on 28 May. Numerous exchange of fire occurred in the border area resulting in the death of at least 5 Myanmar Army personnel and 3 injuries.
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has reinforced its positions with heavy weapons and manpower after the unprovoked attack, which even Burmese freedom activists believe is part of a wider agenda by the Myanmar government to wipe out the Rohingya ethnic group and steal their state’s resources.
Bangladeshi intelligence agencies are maintaining round the clock surveillance inside Myanmar and bordering areas to prevent or alert against further acts of aggression by Myanmar forces.
Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard have also increased their patrols near the border with Myanmar following the grotesque incident

 Myanmar Army Troops stays in Myanmar -Bangladesh Border


  1. You idiots. The lower picture is that of KIA rebels, not Myanmar Army.


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