Myanmar-Bangladesh Cyber War

Cyber continuous between Bangladesh and Myanmar
Myanmar Hacker are hacking Bangladeshi websites after Myanmar Border Police killed one Bangladesh Border Guard BGB personnel.Around 100 websites have been hacked by Myanmar hacker MM Hackers Uniteam.

Bangladeshi Hackers also responded Myanmar by hacking several Myanmar websites.সাইবার ৭১ -We Hack to Protect Bangladesh-A hacker group Bangladesh also helped to recover some Bangladeshi websites hacked by Myanmar.
Military Institute of Science and Technology Hacked
Military Institute of Science and Technology Hacked

Myanmar hacked Military Institute of Science and Technology,MIST of Bangladesh.Though it was recovered with help from Bangladeshi Hackers.
There are some Myanmar website which says it is hacked by black tiger of Bangladesh.But it was reported that the site was hacked by Myanmar calling the hackers of Bangladesh as Bangladeshi Gay.

Myanmar Hacked their own website
Hacked by myanmar

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