Myanmar Navy Ships fled in fear of Bangladesh Navy

Myanmar Navy Ships fled in fear of Bangladesh Navy
Fast Attack Craft of Myanmar Navy
Myanmar Navy ships flee in fear of Bangladesh Navy

Three Myanmar Navy ships positioned on the Eastern side of St Martin’s Island inside Burmese waters have fled after a fleet of Bangladesh Navy warships manoeuvred inside Bangladesh territorial waters according to Ekushey TV, a Bangladesh based satellite channel. Fishermen on the island spotted the UMN warships for the past three days close to the maritime boundary.

Tensions are high across the Bangladesh-Myanmar border since last week after Myanmar troops ambushed a BGB patrol killing a Naik (Corporal). In retaliation BGB shelled Myanmar positions killed four Myanmar Army personnel and injuring three others. Two of the dead were Army officers including one Captain.

Myanmar Navy removed ships from Bangladesh 
 Heavy exchange of fire occurred between Border Pillar 50 and 52 of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Both sides used mortars, rocket launchers and heavy machine guns but the Myanmar Army pleaded the Bangladeshi border guards to cease fire.

Border Guard Bangladesh warned the Myanmar forces that there will be terrible consequences if they continue their unwarranted sneak attacks on Bangladeshi forces.

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