Mig-29 : First 4th Generaation Fighter of Bangladesh

Mig-29 Bangladesh Air Force
Bangladesh ordered it's first 4th Generation Fighter Mig-29B in 1999 from Russia. Bangladesh Air Force ordered 16 unit 1999 and received 8 in 2001.Another 8 were supposed to be ordered but after election and government change the deal was not finalized.

After receiving first 8 unit of  Mig-29s, Myanmar immediately procured 12 Second Hand Mig-29 from Belarus in 2001.

In 2014 Bangladesh has 8 Mig-29B which are being upgraded into Mig-29SMT in Ukraine.Myanmar has 31 Mig-29B/SE as of 2014 while India has 67 Mig-29 UPG.

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