Bangladesh Navy will get another Hamilton Class cutter USCG RUSH

Bangladesh Navy will get another Hamilton Class cutter USCG RUSH

United States has offered another Hamilton Class Cutter to Bangladesh navy.

USCG RUSH , a Hamilton class cutter of United States Coast Guard which has commissioned in 1980 may be given to Bangladesh Navy.

The ship is almost 46 years old and will come with a 76 mm Naval gun.

Besides Bangladesh Navy,Hamilton class cutters are also used in Nigerian Navy and Philippine Navy.
Bangladesh Navy currently operates another Hamilton class  cutter BNS SOMUDRO JOY.

Its embassy in Dhaka on Wednesday said they offered the United States Coast Guard Ship (USCGS) Rush to Bangladesh on Aug 8.

The ship which is powered by a combined diesel or gas engine system is expected to be officially transferred to the Bangladesh Navy this spring, following a joint visual inspection in Hawaii.

Last year, the US transferred its Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis which was renamed in Bangladesh as ‘BNS Somudro Joy’.

The embassy said the Rush will complement the Somudra Joy.

Rush is equipped with a helicopter flight deck, retractable hangar, and facilities to support helicopter deployment, it said.

The US offers ships to Bangladesh under an Excess Defense Articles (EDA) through a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme.

According to the US coast guard, the Rush is the fifth Coast Guard Cutter to be named after the eighth Secretary of the Treasury - Richard Rush.

A member of John Quincy Adam’s cabinet from 1825-1828, Secretary Rush is best remembered for his accomplishments as statesman and diplomat.

It is the ninth of the Hamilton Class High Endurance Cutters.

It was launched on Nov 16, 1968 at New Orleans at an approximate cost of $20 million.

Rush’s operational duties have varied considerably since its delivery.

It was involved in the early 1970’s in operations off the coast of Vietnam.

According to the US coast guard, on the night of Nov 22, 1970, Rush was part of a US Naval force tasked with the capturing of a North Vietnamese supply trawler delivering weapons.

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