BNS Shadhinota coming without Torpedo Tubes

BNS Shadhinota coming without Torpedo Tubes

The "Independent" is one of two vessels ordered from China by Bangladesh.

According to a Chinese MOD statement: This will become the Bangladeshi navy's most advanced warship, and be a real boost to its coastal defence capability. 25 knots sailing speed, anti-radar design, highly adaptable to weather and oceanic conditions, and decked out with powerful weapons. The frigate "Independent" is made to be an all-rounder.

BNS Shadhinota retains most of the sensor and weapon systems found on board Chinese Navy Type 056 corvettes:
» 4x C-803 (export version of YJ-83) Anti-ship missiles (2 launchers with 2 missiles each)
» 1x FL-3000N (export version of AJK-10 / HQ-10) Surface to air missile launcher (8x missiles)
» 1x H/PJ-26 76mm main gun (similar to Russian AK-176)
» 2x H/PJ-17 30mm dual mode (auto/manual) remote controlled naval turret

The Bangladesh Navy corvette however will be fitted with one Type 730 CIWS and two Type 3200 ASW rocket launchers will replace the two triple torpedo launchers

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