Bangladesh Navy begins construction of two Durjoy Class LPC

Bangladesh Navy begins construction of two Durjoy Class LPC
Khulna Shipyard Starts construction of Two Durjoy Class large patrol craft (LPC) for Bangladesh Navy.
Bangladesh Navy received first two Durjoy class LPC from China in 2013 and constructing more two boats in 2015 bringing the total number to 4 boats.

These Ships are armed with four C-704 Missile with a range of 35 KM.

Displacement: 648 tons
Length: 64.2 m
Beam: 9 m
Draught: 4 m

Speed: 28 knots (52 km/h)
Range: 2,500 nmi (4,600 km; 2,900 mi)
Endurance: 15 days
Complement: 60 personnel
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Type 360 Radar (SR60) Surface Search, E/F band
  • MR-123-02/76 Fire Control Radar for 76.2mm gun
  • Type 352 Radar (Square Tie) surface search and SSM fire control, I-band
  • Type 347G Radar (Rice Bowl) for 20mm cannon, I-band
  • ESS-3 bow mounted sonar

The construction work of two large patrol craft (LPC), the biggest warship construction project, began on Sunday in Bangladesh's western Khulna Shipyard.

Inaugurating the project, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the keel of the two patrol craft and expressed her confidece that Khulna Shipyard would be capable of exporting developed and modern warships in future.

"Khulna Shipyard is now constructing and repairing big and small quality warships for Bangladesh Navy along with building large and medium oceangoing ships. I believe that it would be able to attain the ability of exporting developed and modern battle ships in future," she said.

Bangladesh has started utilizing the golden opportunity to tap the growing demand of constructing ships in global market as many countries are now showing their interest in Khulna Shipyard and communicating with it, the prime minister added.

Chief of Naval Staff and Chairman of Board of Directors of Khulna Shipyard Vice-Admiral Farid Habib and Managing Director of Khulna Shipyard Commodore M Khurshid Malik were present at the ceremony.

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