Bangladesh-India Joint Military Exercise SAMPRITI-2016

Bangladesh-India Joint Military Exercise SAMPRITI-2016
Bangladesh-India joint military training exercise SAMPRITI commenced on 5 November 2016 at Tangail, Dhaka.

This is the sixth edition of the exercise which is hosted alternately by both countries.

The exercise is an important bilateral defence cooperation endeavor between the two countries.

  1. • The exercise will simulate a scenario where both nations are working together in a counter insurgency and counter terrorism environment under the UN Charter.
  2. • The participants will initially get familiar with each other’s organizational structure and tactical drills during the exercise.
  3. • Subsequently, the training will advance to joint tactical exercises wherein the battle drills of both the armies will be practiced.

The training will culminate on 18 November 2016 with a final validation exercise in which troops of both armies will jointly practice a counter terrorist operation in a controlled and simulated environment.

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  1. Have it any more opportunities to learn about our defense forces?


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