Bangladesh Air Force going to procure 8+4 MRCA (Multirole Combat Aircraft)

Bangladesh Air Force is going to procure 8 Multirole Combat Aircraft with an option to buy 4 more.

Some Requirements are:
  • Aircraft must be double engine
  • Range must be 2500KM
  • Must have Maritime Strike Capability
  • Must have AESA Radar
Currently Only Su-30SM and Su-35 meets the requirement.
Unit cost of Su-30SM is $50-65 Million and Su-35BM is $90-100 Million.

Bangladesh Currently has only 8 Mig-29B aircraft.One the other hand Myanmar has 31 Mig-29 and 16 JF-17 block 2 outnumbering Bangladesh by 6 times.

Bangladesh has an economy of  $249 Billion and spends only 1.25% of GDP in Military.

Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Defence Purchases (DGDP) released its tender for eight – with four optional – new-built multi-role combat aircraft for the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). In December 2016, the Bangladeshi government committed to finalizing the purchase in fiscal year 2016-2017.
The new fighters are being sought for fortifying Bangladesh’s defensibility against aerial threats as well as providing it with a platform for anti-surface, maritime and offensive counter-air operations.
As per the BAF’s requirements, the fighter must be new-built, with manufacturing starting no earlier than the year of signing the contract. It must be a twin-engine design, with each powerplant providing at least 5,500 kg in dry thrust and more than 8,000 kg with afterburn. It must have a minimum of eight hardpoints and a minimum payload of 5,000 kg.
Electronics wise, the fighter is to be equipped with an electronically-scanned array radar with an air-to-air range and air-to-surface range of 150 km and 50 km, respectively; an integrated electronic warfare (EW) and electronic countermeasures (ECCM) suite; infrared search and track (IRST) system with a target tracking range of at least 50 km; helmet-mounted display and sight (HMD/S) system with cueing; head-up display (HUD) and modern glass cockpit.
The BAF is seeking a complete package comprising of the aircraft, maintenance and training package, and a set of air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions. The aircraft are to be delivered in two batches, with each comprising of four aircraft. The second batch must be delivered 18-24 months after the first.

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