Submarines to be commissioned in to Bangladesh Navy by 2019

Prime Minister tells of Bangladesh Navy's expansion
Staff Correspondent, UNB/BMF Defence News

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the government has plans to include submarine with base facility in Bangladesh Navy by 2019 to build it as an effective ‘deterrent force’.

Hasina stated this while addressing the commissioning function of Bangladesh Navy’s first ever hydrographic survey ship ‘Anusandhan’ at Isha Khan Naval Base on Wednesday morning.

About problems with the neighboring countries over maritime boundaries, the Prime Minister said efforts are underway to solve the problems. “We do not want any war or conflict in this region. We believe in peace,” she said.

Hasina referred to a speech of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman where he had said that Bangladesh would not intervene in anyone’s internal affairs, but if others try to interfere in Bangladesh’s internal matters, it would also not be tolerated.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh Navy will be built as modern and well equipped force in the future to boldly resist illegal trespass by foreign ships into Bangladesh territory and to stop smuggling through the sea.


  1. you are wrong.bangladesh will add submarine in 2119.

  2. you are wrong.bangladesh will add submarine in 2119.

  3. bangladesh is buying one type 209 from will be ordered in 2019 and will be delivered in 2021.

  4. BN is not buying four submarine rather they are ordering one type 209 in will be in service in 2011 when the other type 209 operators will replace them.


  5. the four submarine which were supposed to be ought by caretaker government at about $180,000,000 are modified romeo class submarine from china. But the proposal was cancelled


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