Bangladesh Navy Ship in Lebanon United Nation UNIFIL

BNS Ali Haider Frigate of Bangladesh navy in Lebanon
BNS Ali Haider in UN

Two Navy Ships of Bangladesh Navy BNS ALI HAIDER and BNS NIRMUL have leaved Chittagong to join United Nation Peacekeeping Mission at Lebanon.

BNS ALI HAIDER is Guided Missile Frigate of Bangladesh Navy.This ship has a displacement of 2300 tonnes and 103 meter in length is armed with 8 C-802A anti ship missile with a firing range of 180 KM.It also has two 100 mm Naval Gun and 4 CIWS for defense.It can also perform Electronic Warfare and ECM.
BNS Nirmul Bangladesh Navy Ship Lebanon UN
BNS Nirmul Bangladesh Navy Ship joining Lebanon UN
BNS Nirmul is a large patrol craft (LPC) or Corvette of Bangladesh Navy.Bangladesh bought two Durjoy Class Corvette and one of them is BNS Nimul. It has displacement of 650 tonnes and 64 meter in length.It is armed with 2 x 2 C-704 Anti Ship Missile (AShM),one 76 mm main gun and two Type 730B 6 baeerl 30 mm CIWS (Close In Weapon System).It can also detect submarine.C-704 missile has a firing range of 35 KM.

Another Navy ship BNS OSMAN a guided missile frigate is serving in UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) for last 4 years with BNS Madhumati.They will be replaced by BNS Ali Haider and BNS Nirmul.
BNS OSMAN will return Bangladesh on June 14 after completing her mission to patrol in Lebanon and Mediterranean sea .
Total 290 naval person with 30 officers including Captan M Anwar Hossain of BNS ALI HAIDER and Commander Tanjim Faruq have left Chittagong.
Bangladesh Navy started
its United Nation Peacekeeping mission in May 2010 which added a new dimension in Peacekeeping by sending two ships. For this BNS OSMAN and BNS MADHUMATI had to cross 7000 nautical miles to join Multi National Maritime Task Force.Naval ships from Germany,Turkey,Greece,Brazil and Indonesia are also in this task force.
Only Two countries from Asia Indonesia and Bangladesh are serving in this maritime task force.Beside patrolling they are also spying on suspecting ship and aircraft,rescuing ships from accident and performing maritime eradication operation
BNS Osman with Indonesia Navy Sigma class corvette in Lebanon UN
BNS Osman with Indonesia Navy Sigma class corvette in Lebanon UN

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